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Our bathroom is immaculate - what have you noticed since your DC has started uni?

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DazR Fri 21-Sep-12 11:35:37

It has only been one week but already I am noticing big changes at home (apart from missing her SO much!).

Our bathroom is usually cluttered with mascara, make-up brushes and tubes, pots and potions but is now sterile, clinical and clean - initially I was really chuffed but now it is just reminding me that someone is missing!

What have you noticed?

Lilymaid Fri 21-Sep-12 12:20:45

Our electricity bill went down a substantial amount (around 1/3rd) when DS1 left for university.

Asmywhimsytakesme Fri 21-Sep-12 12:21:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fussychica Fri 21-Sep-12 13:49:21

I can get in & walk around his bedroom and the curtains get opened every morning!
I'm expecting a lower electricity bill & my shopping bill has reduced considerably and ..........I'm missing him.

alemci Fri 21-Sep-12 13:56:09

house much easier to tidy. less washing and mess from piles of clothes, spare room (to dump stuff LOL).

not so many lights left on.

Whatdoiknowanyway Fri 21-Sep-12 15:00:33

There's not as many nice things to eat! All the stuff i would never buy for myself but which it was quite nice to take a little of occasionally - no point in buying a pack of cherry tomatoes for the one or two I would eat each week, or a box of mini muffins given i only ever ate one or two.
Our snack cupboard is pretty much empty of the buns, muffins, pancakes used to fuel two sporty girls. And I just put a fruit bowl away in a cupboard. For years I had two fruit bowls, a fruit plate and a banana tree regularly replenished but we just don't get through the same amount of fruit now there's just the two of us at home.

DazR Fri 21-Sep-12 15:00:37

The dishwasher takes ages to fill now and the dog wont leave my side as she is missing my DD2 so much!

DazR Fri 21-Sep-12 15:07:50

I agree Whatdoiknowanyway I had the same thoughts doing my last supermarket shop (no reason to buy those irresistible muffins!) It also dawned on me that we will be eating a lot more left overs as pre-packaged meat typically comes in portions sized for a family.

alemci Fri 21-Sep-12 17:15:24

also cooking for 4 easier than 5 with the ED a vegetarian.

Whatdoiknowanyway Fri 21-Sep-12 23:34:51

Dasr - oh yes, I bought a pack of freezer ones in preparation for the many lots of leftovers. It's that on we put weight on by eating too much of reach meal.

Whatdoiknowanyway Fri 21-Sep-12 23:35:10

Boxes, not ones, sorry

FancyBread Fri 21-Sep-12 23:48:42

Our home bathroom when DS is at home = Disgusting sad

Our home bathroom when DS is at Uni = Immaculate smile

DS's en-suite bathroom at Uni = Immaculate confusedconfusedconfused?????? (and, yes,he cleans it himself)

ggirl Fri 21-Sep-12 23:52:35

god yes , house is much tidier when dd is away
apparently she kept her room in halls quite tidy last year
and when she moved into student house this yr ..had to get a chest of drawers ...despite the fact that at home the large majority of her clothes stay on the floor hmm

QuicheLouise Tue 25-Sep-12 08:37:31

Her bedroom curtains are open and there isn't a pile of very, very high shoes by the front door.

Pagwatch Tue 25-Sep-12 08:44:55

Food bill halved. At least halved.

Sadly, no music or shouts of laughter emanating from the basement. I used to roll my eyes at the hoard of boys rolling up to empty my fridge and hang out. Now I kind of miss them.

Maat Tue 25-Sep-12 18:32:54

Definitely, definitely the food bill.

When DS1 is home, the food bill soars. I'm beginning to think he doesn't actually eat when he is away from home - he simply stocks up like a hamster when he is here. grin

But I still haven't got used to his place being empty around the dinner table and he is in his third year!

CajaDeLaMemoria Tue 25-Sep-12 18:34:26

I wish someone missed me!

My room is clean though. Very clean. I even cleaned the kitchen and hoovered after maintenance had been this morning!

DazR Tue 25-Sep-12 18:43:35

Hi there Caja I'm sure someone must be missing you too. So, are you away at uni? Is it more fun keeping tidy away from home or were you always such a super person! Hope you are having fun...

Tressy Tue 25-Sep-12 20:20:30

My house feels far too big for one person sad

quirrelquarrel Fri 28-Sep-12 17:33:32

My parents have a load of uneaten veggie food in the freezer....the carpet in the landing isn't covered in hair/bits of paper emigrating outwards from my room (I think my mum is disproportionally pleased about this, really)....the poor guinea pigs probably haven't been held since I've been gone!

Yellowtip Sat 29-Sep-12 23:10:03

Still not quite there yet. I'm dropping three off tomorrow - unless the car breaks under the weight of all the boxes.

Midweek on should be incredibly tidy and neat.

mathanxiety Sun 14-Oct-12 19:09:32

There is food now where before there were empty cereal boxes left back neatly and containers with a drop or two left back in the fridge to disappoint the next hungry or thirsty customer. Snacks last a few days. There is nobody mooching around at 10 pm for Second Dinner. I go through about a dozen eggs a week instead of four.

It took me a few weeks to realise I only needed to cook half of what I did when DS was home and the fridge was jammed with leftovers right after he left. I should have known because this is his second year, but I still feel he lives at home in a way -- he hasn't really ventured out into the big wide world much. He accounts for half of the food consumption here during holidays. (Sends me photos of his giant meals from university).

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