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Anyone doing any ITIL Certifications???

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blummineck Thu 06-Sep-12 12:39:36

Hello guys,

I'm feeling down, I'm currently doing the ITIL Expert track through work and have just failed my operation support & analysis exam... for the second time! blush

I'm just wondering if anyone is in the same boat, or has found a book that has helped, or well... anything really! sad

I'm feeling a right thicko at the moment, and all hints tips and tricks are much appreciated.

chindita Thu 13-Sep-12 16:59:06

Hi Blummineck,

Don't feel too down!

I am in the middle of doing Managing Across the Lifecycle, and have just completed Foundation and Continual Service Improvement ( I did the original exams in 1995 )

I'm doing them self study but DH develops and teaches ITIL courses for a living and his top tips are :-

Do plenty of practice exams - I hate doing them but it does help

Read the question - Physically highlighting the relevant points. Typically there will be a number of issues and the best answer addresses them all. You could even draw up a simple matrix of issues v various answers.

Take your time - sometimes people feel a kind of panic and plump for the first answer that seems reasonable. You have 10 minutes for each question which should be plenty.

There are no tricks - you are asked to choose the best answer. It will never be hidden in any way. Sometimes the best answer is so obvious that you might feel it can't be that - but it is.

Don't change your answer at the last moment. DH says he sees people do this every week in practice exams. They have read the question, taken their time etc carefully chosen an answer - then they change their minds at the last moment! When asked why they changed it they don't know but it's always a worse answer than the one they had before.

That's all I can recall from his tips to me!

blummineck Thu 13-Sep-12 21:00:09

Aww thanks for the tips, I really appreciate it!

What happens to me is, I will go through the questions and answer them as you do... then I go back to review the questions, and look at the first one and think... WTF did I answer it like that for??? Now I don't actually change the answer (except, one I did...), but my brain goes into complete panic mode but then by that time, its usually too late to try to analyse it properly again....

I will certainly take on board your advice and try those techniques.



pauline4ITIL Thu 04-Oct-12 08:05:54

I just came 2 know of this site...
seems good...
Actually I am planning to do a training for ITIL. But, I am not sure which training provider to choose.

Any help is greatly appreciated...

Philly123456 Thu 04-Oct-12 08:50:02

Hi Pauline,

Try ITILstudy which my husband tried a couple of months ago here in India. We are expatriates here for quite sometime and he took the training course from them through a suggestion by one of our close friend there in UK who also took the course from them.

They provide value added free courses like risk management and 18 PMI PDU's along with the training here in India. It's just a 2 day course and suited my itinerary. Real practical case studies which they provide helps in practical absorption. They are one of the leading global player and offer a whole range of other professional courses like PMP and PRINCE2 for project managers and professionals.

I'm also planning to register with them soon after my delivery as I'm in my 6th month.



pauline4ITIL Tue 09-Oct-12 13:47:56

Hey Philly,
and Thanks for the good information...
I looked up the provider you mentioned and it looks pretty well.
I had already enrolled up with ITILstudy.
Will surely give a feedback after I finish the training...

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