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sharmilayoucan Tue 10-Apr-12 11:15:55

Hi , iam preparing for driving theory test. I heard the sylabus has been changed. I would be grreatfull if someone can guide me how to prepare etc.


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TheoryTestNovel Sat 14-Apr-12 20:19:31

Hi, nothing of significance has changed in the car driver category only the learning material. A new book called The Demon Road: A Theory Test Novel' may be of interest to you, it is not released until june 1 but it is expected to dramatically improve pass rates with its stylised memory aids. Look for it on Amazon or check out www.theorytestnovel.blogspot.com best of luck.

CustardIsMyNemesis Sat 14-Apr-12 20:53:02

Just asked DH (as he is a grade 6 driving instructor!) He has said the best thing to read is simply the highway code as all the answers are in there! However he is also a fan of a book called 'Driving - the essential skills'.

(Both books are available from Amazon for £11 which is the cheapest he has been able to find)

Mich19801 Fri 31-Aug-12 13:56:19

Hi, Im preparing for my practical test... Im finding the manuovers ok but this new show me tell section is killing me... I get so mixed up :-( can anyone help... I dont have much time with the little one hanging off my leg... Any mobile apps going around??

EllenParsons Sat 01-Sep-12 23:38:31

Get "driving test success" CD rom - I used this and found it really helpful. You can do practice tests on it with all the questions and hazard perception. I paid about a fiver on Amazon.

gingeroots Sun 02-Sep-12 12:11:21

ellen - did you use a book as well ?
I've been told "it's not possible to pass theory" without book .

annaboros Thu 17-Mar-16 19:08:48

Theory Test 2016
Complete Tests for UK driving theory test. Lots of questions. Best for exams 2016.


user1471173214 Sun 14-Aug-16 12:30:07

I'm also practising for my theory test. I have the Highway Code and the official DVSA theory test discs (Including Hazard Perception). I'm getting all questions correct, and not a bad score on the Hazard Perception side. I'm looking for something else to use to practise, also.

2016Blyton Sun 14-Aug-16 13:01:39

My twins passed their theory test about 2 days after they turned 17 (though that was last year, not this) They used some books they bought from DVLA I think it was and also a CD we bought where you could test yourself on hazards. Passed first time.

They used the book Ellen mentions although never opened it I think - for the practical driving they just relied on a weekly lesson from their instructor (and they both passed in 6/7 months) so for them the practical book was a waste of money but I expect it's good if you bother to read it. I think ione reason they passed was their very good older brother collected them from school every single day and letr one or other of them drive home so that was almost every day of the week practice.

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