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Is anyone starting a course in Children's And Young People's Workforce level 2

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NotInTheMood Wed 19-Oct-11 10:56:34

or have past experience . How many hours placement did you have to do and do you have to do it in one setting. I am starting next month and the course is being being sponsored by my local children's centre-however the details are very sketchy and I have yet to talk to the provider. I have chosen to work in a local pre-school as it is close to my school drop off but I would also like to work in another setting for extra experience. I have been told I need to do 12 hours per week and in one placement but looking on the net it seems other providers want you to work in different settings.

NotInTheMood Wed 19-Oct-11 10:58:08

Also the details I have been told are from the children's centre not provider but she did not seem very clear tbh.

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