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Moominmammacat Wed 12-Oct-11 17:55:18

My dyspraxic 17 year old is on the Learning Support register under School Action Plan Plus. What help should he be getting?

madwomanintheattic Wed 12-Oct-11 18:26:06

usually the 'plus' tag is as a result of him seeing an outside agency (presumably ot if he's dyspraxic).

School Action just means they are aware he needs some additional support to keep up with the curriculum. for younger children this is directed by an iep, with (usually) four or five targets and how school intend to meet them.

at 17, i suspect strongly that unless he has any physical requirements suggested by ot (ie writing slope/ laptop etc) it will just mean that there may be an LSA in the classroom that can offer a small amount of support if he requires it on an ad hoc basis.

it isn't a 'one size fit all' list of support. ieps are dictated by his needs, but there is no legal requirement to provide anything.

when i was providing LSA support to yr 10/11s, i would usually have a couple of statemented children in a particular lesson that i would primarily support, but it would also be flagged to me which kids were on SA or SA+ (usually up to a max of about 11 children). a couple of them might be laptop users and i would just make sure they were set up.

what help does he need? does he still have an iep or any ot?

mumeeee Wed 12-Oct-11 19:16:53

DD1 is 19 she is Dyspraxic and still at college. She is also on school action plus this mean school/college can access extra support and outside help if needed. When she was at school she had an hours one to one support a week with handwriting plus there were LSA's in her classes and she got a scribe and extra time in exams. Now at college there is a LSA in her classes that she can ask for support from if she wants it. There is also a one to one support available for support with her Maths and English if she wants it. This would be flor one hour a week.

Moominmammacat Thu 13-Oct-11 12:01:23

That's really helpful ... thank you. As far as we can work out, he's had nothing since Y7, no extra time for GCSEs in Y10, 25% in Y11 and 12 because we pushed for it. It's getting a bit late in the day but he just needs help with organisation (of life and work) and it shouldn't be his Mum who is doing it at this stage!

Moominmammacat Thu 13-Oct-11 12:02:29

PS ... no iep or ot. So much ot at primary school that he's pretty good physically now.

madwomanintheattic Thu 13-Oct-11 18:19:30

he needs to just discuss this with his personal tutor/ homeroom teacher to come up with some coping strategies then.

some kids use electronic organisers really successfully - others stick to more traditional agenda/ diary and post it reminders. (dh used to have about 50 post-its flapping around on the outside of his organiser grin)

if he no longer has any outside help, it's unlikely he still features on the SA+ list. probably just SA, as he's able to meet curriculum challenges with school support (ie extra time etc)

mumeeee Thu 13-Oct-11 22:23:39

We found with DD3 because of her Dyspraxia she needed support from het parents to speak to her tutors ( although she also has another mild learning difficulty which may be why she finds some things more difficult ). Also while she was under 18 the college would contact us. She's now 19 and although college contact het they also speak to me with permission from her. To get extra time and a scribe in exams she had to be assessed by a qualified special needs teacher. School arranged this when she was there and she was reassessed at college last year as apparently these assessments are only valid for 2 years. School can't just give extra time it gas to come from an assessment, can you support you son to speak to his tutor.

Moominmammacat Fri 14-Oct-11 09:32:45

Yes, good idea Mumeeee ... we've had to get him reassessed every few years since she was 7. And I know what you mean about post-its, madwoman in the attic ... husband is at it as well!

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