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looking at doing an OU degree...

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boxoftricks Wed 28-Sep-11 23:08:38

Thinking of doing a business studies degree. From looking on the OU website I understand that the fees are going up from Sept 2012. However on some threads here it says to get in quick and start a course in jan/feb. So does this mean this calender year? Or will any courses starting before 2012 be ok and have current fees?
I have passed the deadline for applying for finance for modules starting in nov, and the next ones relating directly to business are in May. I can have 60 credits 'open' from anything, so if I find a course that starts in jan/feb would this kick-start my course, and I would be eligible for this years fees?
I hope someone can make sense from what I'm trying to ask!

webwiz Thu 29-Sep-11 08:21:48

Have you looked at this:

I think your May course counts you as an existing student for fees but I'd just phone and check before you register. The new fees start from 1 september 2012.

boxoftricks Thu 29-Sep-11 09:15:26

hi Web,
I've just gone through the FAQ in more detail for the last half hour and as long as I study in 2011/12 ie before sept 2012 then i'll be eligible. phew!
The faq aren't very well laid out though, especially with the same question answered in different places for different countries!! thanks for the link.

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