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Can anyone tell me how to reference

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Beauregard Sat 24-Sep-11 13:56:06

In a very simple way please smile

SuePurblybilt Sat 24-Sep-11 13:59:27

grin. In text or in a reference list? What's your source? Are you using Harvard?
Quick guide here

Beauregard Sat 24-Sep-11 14:09:15

And all i have read is bleaugh grin
I have completed my first journal and have never written one before and i need to reference it at the end?
I have never used works before either so a bit clueless.

SuePurblybilt Sat 24-Sep-11 14:17:04

You've completed a journal? You've lost me there, do you mean an article for an academic journal? Or an essay? Either way, Harvard is the usual system at degree level.

If you've quoted or used someone else's work you need to reference it in the text and also provide a reference list at the end, with the full publication details. The link I posted will tell you how to do that, depending on the type of work you used - the way you write it depends on whether it's a book, article, website or whatever.

If it's an assignment for a degree, your college may have its own variations on Harvard and they should publish that: most have loads of referencing help on their websites. I don't work in FE so I can't be sure what the requirements are at those levels, hopefully someone can come along and help if you're doing another qualification?

Beauregard Sat 24-Sep-11 14:20:50

lol @ degree see i'm not good at all this academic lark.My grammar and punctuation is rubbish too.
I have written a reflective journal for a level 2 course.
Thanks for trying to help my feeble brain.

SuePurblybilt Sat 24-Sep-11 14:36:55

grin. There's no reason why you shouldn't do a degree, nobody is born knowing how to do this referencing lark. FFS, I teach it to degree students and I still have to look it up sometimes. don't tell them that

I wasn't sure if you meant HE or FE as it seems to be interchangeable in this section.

I don't know the rules at level 2 but I should think that if you make an attempt, you won't be worried about plagiarism and it'll be obvious you've made a good effort. If they haven't told you their preferred method, then that's the best you can do. Are you sure you have to formally reference a reflective journal, have they said so? When I use a learning/reflective journal, it's for personal development, not to be marked.

Anyway, if they have said so.......

So if you've used a book by Jane Brown, called How to Cook,and you've quoted something from the book, what you've quoted needs to be made clear. Use speech marks """" and after the quote do this (Brown,date,page number). The date is when the book was published, look just inside the front cover. Page number is the number of the page you've taken the quote from, so perhaps p24.

At the very end of what you've written, type 'References' as a heading and put all the details in.

Brown,J.(date) How to Cook. Place of publication: Publisher

Again, that's just inside the first page. So it'll be something like Abingdon:Routledge.

You need to do that for every book you quote. The list at the bottom should be in alphabetical order, so Brown, J would be before West,K.

Does that make sense? As I said, it might be overkill for Level 2 but if they've told you to reference and not said how then at least this system is not wrong. But I am fully prepared to be corrected by a FE teacher grin

Beauregard Sat 24-Sep-11 14:43:13

Thankyou so much suepurblybilt that makes sensesmile

SuePurblybilt Sat 24-Sep-11 14:45:18

Good luck smile. At the worst, it'll be too formal but they can't say much about that.....

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