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any MNters done an open university course?

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teensistearaway Fri 23-Sep-11 08:38:36

I am only 21, have 2 children (18m and 3m). I left school with 3 good A levels, got into university but got pregnant with DC1 so didnt go to uni. I am pretty much in a dead end job and want better for myself and my lovely children.
Has anyone done an open university course before? How much time do i need to set aside (intrested in doing some sort of child care degree). Are they worth it?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated smile

webwiz Fri 23-Sep-11 09:13:22

Hi teensistearaway I've studying a masters degree with the OU at the moment and I really enjoy it. The workload depends on the number of points you are taking and the level of the course.

There are lots of OUers in the student parents section who'll have a bit more info:

barnowl Sat 24-Sep-11 20:38:14

Hi there, I have 4 DC's aged 22months - 8years I started studying with the OU when DC2 was 2 weeks old. In the level , 60point courses I managed with doing a couple of hours study in the evenings. I started a law degree in 2008 and as I've gone up the levels I've needed more time for level 2 60point courses I put aside 2 days a week and now I'm at level 3 I've needed 3 days a week for a 60point course. Day for me is 5 hours in between school runs. I've been fortunate to have family to look after little ones for me and I think that is the key to success is having a good support network. I love the studying and the great thing with the Ou is that you sign up for one course at a time, there are short courses and long courses so you can pick what fits in with the time you have. Grants are available too. I would definately recommend it. OU degrees are well thought of too.

ByTheWay Sat 24-Sep-11 20:50:59

Yep - i have 2 dds aged 9 and 10 and am currently starting a Maths degree - 2 level one courses have been passed so far.... IF you do want to go ahead DO IT SOON - prices are going up VERY soon!!!!! If you are in before a certain date, they stay low til 2017 - if not, they are 3 times the current rte!

Humourme Mon 26-Sep-11 08:42:04

Hi Teensisteraway - you can use Tesco clubcard vouchers now against OU courses. Just a thought.

HSMM Mon 26-Sep-11 08:49:22

Yes. I am just about to take my last exam for my BA. I found I could not overlap 2 courses at once, which some other people did. I think I was supposed to spend 18 hrs per week on this last course, but I haven't used that amount of time. You do have to be quite disciplined and find moments to read (ie sitting beside the bed when your child wants to jump out, during afternoon naps, etc).

My biggest problem was finding longer spaces of time to concentrate on writing essays, but it is possible.

When you start it seems like it will take forever. I can't believe I'm nearly done! I would do more courses, but I think my family have had enough and my DD will be starting her GCSE work soon, so it's her turn.

cazboldy Sat 01-Oct-11 22:38:33

My first course has started today! Am hoping to go on to get a ba in Eng lang/lit with french and become a primary teacher.

I am 30 with 5 dc. I had my eldest when i was 15, so college was not an option, and now my baby has just started school, so wish me luck!

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