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Business foundation degrees

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ghostofstalbans Tue 23-Aug-11 16:56:30

Was wondering if anyone had any information about these degrees? my ds(17) has got bad results on his A level (only taking one) but is taking a couple of BTECS

I was wondering if he would be able to start a Foundation Degree as he will be 18 at the end of September and ditch continuing his A leve and BTECs at school

I know it's ultimately up to him but am pondering for him iykwim!

drcrab Tue 23-Aug-11 21:52:15

You will probably need to speak to the university or college concerned. Foundation courses are pretty good alternatives but what some of the better universities are saying is for the students to transfer to the first year of the degree they may have to achieve say a 60% (merit) minimum. So the criteria is quite stringent.

Also it may be worth checking that if your son joins a foundation course this year, whether he'll be liable for higher fees next year or will he be counted as part of this year's cohort.

What exactly was his a level in and the btec?

gingeroots Wed 24-Aug-11 20:58:46

Foundation Degrees are different from foundation years .
And I think he may be too late to apply for a Foundation Degree starting this September .
You could look here

I think quite often FE colleges offer Foundation Degrees ( and HND ,which are same level I think ) and their admissions might be different ,so worth ringing .
Oh ,and some FE colleges do "access to Higher Education " courses ,which might be relevant

Good luck.

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