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How do you cope juggling childcare and studying for a degree/ post grad?

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peggy0062 Wed 17-Aug-11 13:58:36

I am thinking about studying once the kids have started school and am interested in others' experience.

Did you return to study after the kids started primary school?
How did you juggle childcare and full time study?
Did you have a job placement during the course and how do you manage that?

Were you able to drop off and pick up the kids yourselves or did you hire or have help? Or perhaps your partner were able to help?
Did you feel you have enough time to give your kids attention, and help with homework etc whilst studying?

When do you think is the right time to do it, i.e. when the youngest child is at what age?

jellybeans208 Wed 17-Aug-11 14:05:16

TBH its a million times easier than working when you have children imo. I did pick ups and drop offs and there was more than enough time at night for attention for my DD. I also did it when she was a baby and only took 2 weeks off maternity leave and it wasnt that much of a big deal tbh.

rattie77 Wed 17-Aug-11 15:37:36

I have done this twice. Once when youngest child was 7 years old, I gave up work to return to education. I managed fine, though was always a bit stressy around hand in days for assignments, but that is just me. I studied of an evening and as they were in school stayed at uni sometimes after lectures to read up etc. I don't know how old your children are, but one issue was using the computer - there was always a battle for it (teenagers), so when I done my MA I bought my laptop and wouldn't let anyone on it. I was lucky that my older children 18 , 17 werw able to mind little one if I got stuck in uni etc.

I returned to studying again to do a Social Work degree when my youngest was 15. Some of the others had left home by then, but he was pretty much self sufficient to an extent. I fell pregnant halfway through the first year - I had the baby as term for year 2 was due to start and as I lived miles away from uni and don't drive I didn't attend all lectures in the last 2 weeks. When baby was three months old I had to do placement for six months - mon-fri 9 - 5 . This was hard for me as he was so young - hated leaving him and had to use a nursery as no family as such. I also didn't get financial help with this and it cost me £150.00 per week from bursary. On top of this I had a portfolio to do, essays and a dissertation - all with a newish baby and stroppy teenagers at home. Point is I managed to do it - though didn't think I could - it is surprising what you can do if you want to.

It was a juggling act as are most things but I would say go for it - I loved it.

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