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Student Accomodation

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rattie77 Wed 17-Aug-11 08:56:29

Just to make others aware that they may be asked to pay a deposit for DCs student accomodation for uni, as this took me by surprise yesterday. DS accepted for uni place and his preferred accomodation confirmed via email, but advised he must confirm place and pay deposit of £150.00 within a few days.
I understand the acceptance of places as there are many students after places of resiedence etc, but the deposit - I'm not sure. My DD attended the same uni 7 years ago and this wasn't required then, so I didn't assume it would be an issue this time. We are struggling financially and to produce £150.00 within a few days is nigh impossible - money all accounted for down to last penny, we have no credit cards, overdraft etc. I rang the uni to confirm that it did have to bepaid in full and they stated it did and if it wasn't he would lose his place in residence.

He is eligable for help with finances but this won't be available until after he has moved in in Sept. He is able to put the deposit down himself luckily, as he has a p/t job, but it has wiped him out and I feel so bad that I can't pay this for him. I do feel that although education is meant to be open to all, little things like this are still a barrier to poorer families and the system is not as open as it would like us to believe.

MindtheGappp Wed 17-Aug-11 10:44:31

You always have to pay a deposit on rental accommodation, whether a student let or s 10-bed mansion. This would have been in the T&Cs when he applied.

The deposit is returned when you vacate the accommodation, leaving it in a good state.

Lizcat Wed 17-Aug-11 16:13:44

Gosh I think you have been lucky in the past. I had to pay a £200 deposit 20 years ago that was retained as a security deposit through my time in Halls and was only refunded the month after I had left halls after 2 years in residence.
As I had a confirmed offer I had to pay in the Feb before I went to Uni to secure my place.

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