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College v Uni'

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Zummerzett Sun 14-Aug-11 15:05:01


My DS attends college and will be returning in September to complete his 2nd yr of a National Diploma.
He has begun his UCAS application to do a Foundation degree at college, 2yrs and the 3rd year at Oxford Brooks.

He has delayed speech and language processing and the college provide fantastic support for him.

I'm a little concerned that on a future CV a college gained degree looks "lesser" than one gained at Uni'

gingeroots Mon 15-Aug-11 09:38:36

I suppose it might ,but all qualifications are an achievment in my book .
I would have thought that your DS's CV will show that he's worked hard and achieved a degree despite his difficulties .

I suppose much will depend on the level of academic achievment required by whatever employment he chooses to go into - evidence of application ,staying power ,overcoming hurdles may be valued just as much as a degree from a Uni .

Sounds like you should be proud of your DS and yourself for getting him into such a supportive college.

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