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Uni accommodation in London

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onmythirdglass Fri 05-Aug-11 18:33:49

DS is about to start at uni in London but his college doesn't have any hall of residence. Budget is pretty much just what he gets from maintenance loan plus a bit of part time work. I would really rather him be in a hostel/hall type place as first time in the big smoke. Any suggestions?

gingeroots Fri 05-Aug-11 21:04:56

Don't want to leave your post unanswered ,tho I don't know much .
I do know lots of students rent houses together ( the one opposite us being one smile.
And lots of courses have Facebook pages with students getting in contact before they start .
TSR has stuff

and his Uni will have some accommodation advice .
Good Luck

onmythirdglass Sat 06-Aug-11 13:45:25

Thanks for your advice. Will try these options. I guess being first time away from home I would rather he was in a hall of residence than renting in a shared house.

funnyperson Sun 07-Aug-11 00:48:06

There are the University of London intercollegiate halls of residence which are very nice, social, reasonable and run a waiting list which opens in September sometime. Wake up at 6 am to catch the online places smile
There are the 'Unite' halls of residence which are overpriced but convenient and there is another hall in Euston- 'Nido' (I may have spelled this slightly wrong) newly built but said to be very nice and open to all students not just Uni of London.
Cartwright Gardens have wildly overpriced student studios and flats which are very nice and in the centre of Bloomsbury and all bills and internet included but you have to be wealthy to afford them.
Shared houses can be found through the University of London accommodation office or through reputable letting agents such as Foxtons who are London based and used to sharers.
The key factor is budget- London students are big business in the property sector, and in addition students compete with all the young professionals trying to rent, so cheap, clean central student accommodation is very very hard to come by, so if you find somewhere, close the deal quickly!
Houses- look at tube zones 1 and 2 to find somewhere reasonable - there are a lot of nice period houses around in zone 2
Good luck

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