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Anyone sat a maths gcse equivalency test ? DD well scared

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mooshy1970 Fri 08-Jul-11 16:58:33

DD took gcse math and gainedan f. resat and gained an E. Resat and gained a D. resat and was 2 marks off a C ! Resat this time and awaiting result.
HOWEVER her teaching course requires a definate C pass and after interview they have suggested she take the equivalency test as a back up in case she has failed again.
DD has a week to revise and the past papers are here.
The trouble is its based on higher tier gsce maths so a lot of it is stuff she has never covered !
Any advise greatly appreciated.
I have looked and cant get a tutor.
I cannot tutor her at this time as have massive committments myself this month which take priority (sounds awful but honestly i cant do it at this time ) x

webwiz Fri 08-Jul-11 20:49:01

She could try working through the activities on the bbc gcse revision website:

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