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PGCE in post compulsory education distance learning

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Bella2010star Sun 26-Jun-11 21:39:18


Has anyone done a PGCE for Post compulspry education online? I really need the flexibility of the distance learning as I already teach and am not able to cut my hours to train also have younger daughters child care to consider. Any help would be appreciated I was trying to find somewhere with minimal attendence that was weekends if poss.

Mowlem Mon 27-Jun-11 21:05:40

In all honesty, I would think twice.

Not being horrid, but I teach in FE and it is incredibly hard to get jobs in the post compulsory sector. We have one student teacher (who will be working with us in September) who has just done this course and she says that hardly anyone on her course has got a job yet.

Most of the Academic teachers here worked in schools first.

If you're not going for an academic post (say lecturer in hair dressing etc) then often they get the job first and then do the PGCE or the DETLS (or whatever it is called) course once in post.

You would be best off either getting a job (if a vocational subject) or doing a straight secondary PGCE, doing a couple of years in a school and then transferring.

Good luck.

Mowlem Mon 27-Jun-11 21:07:07

Drr, missed the bit where you said you already teach!

If you already teach, then why can't you use your existing PGCE (I know rules changed after I entered FE) or do the DETTLS (whatever) as a night class?

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