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Motivational letter to become special needs assistant

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OnlyMe1971 Sun 19-Jun-11 21:39:23

I'm so not good at this stuff. I am writing a letter at the moment, an open letter of application to a special needs school.

I have been doing really well up until I try to explain why I would love to be a special needs assistant. I just cannot explain it in good english! Can anyone help me??? I just want to say that it's something I've always wanted to to and I can't explain why it's just something I've always felt deep inside. Not a very good motivation is it?

MavisEnderby Sun 19-Jun-11 22:42:34

Hello what do you do at the moment if you are employed???If you are currently a full time mum I would think about the attributes you have as well..I think as a mum you need patience,organisation,sense of humour,to be a good communicator,set boundaries,empathy,ability to multi task and so on.Possibly you could use these as ideas???Do you have any experience with additoinal needs children??If so emphasise what you have done and the positives you have found.If not you could emphasis a willingness to learn,and make sure you ask if you could visit the school prior to interview for a look around and show willing.Do you have any experience with adults with disabilities even if not children again highlight anything like this and any volunteering/community work.Dunno if this is any help.You could also look at the schools website aand read up on the school in general so it looks like you have done some research about what to expect beforehand.What does the job spec say????

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