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Fastrack - Preparation for Initial Teacher Training - anyone any experience or knowledge of this please ?

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fakeblondie Tue 07-Jun-11 00:11:42

DD1 wantds to do her degree in primary teaching.
However she has been declined the offer of a place at 2 uni`s due to not having her gcse maths at time of application-has just retaken for umpteenth time and hoping for a C.
In the meantime has been offerred at 3 uni`s her second choice of course which is a degree in childhood studies-with a view to going on to do PGCE following- this will be hard to do in the current climate and she`ll need a 2 :1.
Also no idea what shes going to do with a degree in childhood studies.
we`ve just found a free part time course at her 1st choice uni which if completed over 30 weeks part time and 6 weeks full time GUARANTEES her a place at same uni on teacher training next sept.
So basically she`d get on the course she wanted to this year - better prepared and come out a qualified teacher which is what she wants.
Howver fees will obv. be treble !
We know little about the course -its called Fastrack - Preparation for Initial Teacher Training.
Just wondered if anyone has done similar or has any advice as if she does this it will mean her living at home for another year which we dont mind at all if it will def get her on-plus it means turning down this years offer as she cant get onto the teaching course anyother way -will cost absolutely thousands in long run given hike in fees - cheers.

Thiscrazylife Wed 08-Jun-11 20:43:27

This doesn't answer you original question but I think I know the course you are referring to - Is it at Edge Hill?

If it is could the part-time course be an option as applications are made directly to the university so may still have places for this year (I don't think part-time courses are as popular).

kat2504 Mon 25-Jul-11 13:27:33

A degree in childhood studies is not ideal for teaching, they prefer you to have a degree in a National Curriculum subject for getting on to pgce, and as you say, it's very hard to get on primary pgce without a 2:1 even if you do have a national curriculum subject. This other course will at least let her get on the course she wants. Do remember that although the fees will be higher, your average primary teacher will never earn enough to pay them all back! She will still only be paying the same percentage of her income as she would if she started now, but for a longer period of time (if she earns enough to do so) It would be worse to waste three years of fees on a degree that wasn't going to get her the career that she wants.

Sonriente Thu 04-Aug-11 10:35:27

Have you looked at the OU?

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