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Students and Parents Unite!

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EducationForAll Wed 01-Dec-10 18:45:10

The government is trying to impose 80% cuts to university funding and a trebling of university fees to £9000 per year. They are also scrapping Educational Maintenance Allowance- the money given to some college students so that they can afford to take their A levels. Many of you will know about these measures already.

I am writing from University College London's occupation; students at UCL feel so strongly about these changes that we are occupying a room in our university to pressure our management into condemning the cuts. As has been reported in the media thousands of students have taken to the streets in protest. The changes will not affect us directly as our fees are set at £3000 but we are campaigning for the next generation of children who are faced with excessive levels of debt and under-funded universities.

We know that it's a lot easier for students to protest than people with families but we would love to involve you in our campaign. If you, like us, feel these cuts are unfair and want to be heard, send a picture like this one'm-a-baby- not-a-cash-cow/
Feel free to use a different slogan.
Send the picture to
Parents and Students- let's stand together!
NB- please take out the space between 'baby-' and 'not' in the web address.

moonowl Wed 01-Dec-10 19:26:43

I happily took my 10 & 14 year olds to the march yesterday. I've been on loads of demos in the past, and it is perfectly safe as long as you're sensible, understand the way the police & rogue elements operate & keep your wits & manners about you. My kids had a fantastic time, learned a lot, met & chatted to lots of students & media people & gained an real understanding about the protests.

They are currently home educated as having tried several I don't rate the state's provision where schools are concerned, especially for kids with SEN. Before anyone calls me a sponger - I work part time, get no funding and am saving the state around £14 K a year by doing this. Now I'm told there's no money for my kids to access the free higher education that previous generations have enjoyed.

I don't see why the young, the poor & the weak are being asked to pay the price with heavy cuts on behalf of an older, privileged, strong elite who got us into this mess through their own selfishness, greed & failure. Oh, wait actually I do. It's because they can as long as we don't oppose them. Parents, teachers, lecturers, trade unionists & students must unite. We can win this, don't let Clegg & Cameron tell you otherwise. They are running scared.

kitchendancingqueen Thu 02-Dec-10 12:28:32

Mumsnet have asked if we want to campaign on this issue - if you agree but haven't the time to write a lot - just put your name on the campaign section. There's only a week until the vote, but most have us are having a snow day! Write to your MP!!! I cannot believe we only have 155 people opposed to this bill! C'MON!!!!

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