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English Phd in evenings?

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GoldenHaze Sat 16-Oct-10 20:08:38


I did a English Lit BA at Birkbeck college (after work, mature students) ten years ago, and would now like to do a Phd.

I'm wondering:
a) is it possible to do a Phd at home in the evenings? I don't think that the OU does it, for example..
b) if I'd have to complete at MA first

I'd be very grateful if anyone could shed some light on this, please!

HabbiBOOOO Sat 16-Oct-10 20:14:51

You can do an English PhD with the OU. Most of your work for an English PhD you can do in your own time, unless you need to use specialist libraries, e.g. manuscript libraries, which aren't open in the evenings. In a non-OU university you'd have to find regular daytime slots for supervisions, but it can be done - my next-door neighbour was a FT teacher and did a history PhD with Manchester uni PT.

You shouldn't have to do an MA - depends on the Uni, but they may register you for a masters first and then upgrade to PhD registration if you progress ok.

Birkbeck would be a good choice for PhD, as you'd get evening supervision slots.

GoldenHaze Sat 16-Oct-10 20:26:53

Thanks very much for that info. I'll have another look at the OU.

I can't to Birkbeck again as I no longer live in London and I need to be able to study from home as DP works in the evenings. Love Birkbeck though and would recommend it to anyone else!

Thanks again.

campergirls Mon 08-Nov-10 12:40:23

English lecturer here. Almost all universities will now require you to do an MA first in fact, but you can do part-time MAs (most of the teaching on which tends to be in the early evening, Birkbeck-style).

It is possible to do a PhD part-time, but it is very difficult if you only ever have evenings. You really need to be able to set aside some chunks of time for intensive, cumulative writing.

what area of English lit are you interested in? and where in the country are you? I might be able to give you some tips about good places to apply, on or off board.

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