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Cube convertible highchairs

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flyingma Sat 31-Oct-09 22:57:30

I've read a few of the other threads and see that the Ikea Antilop is a really popular chair. How long a shelf life (before kids grow out of this) does it have roughly?

I'm thinking of getting the Mothercare Pine Cube Convertible chair. Reviews tend to say that is is useful although a few cite "a similar one from another retailer" which is slightly bigger - which I presume is the John Lewis one.

As our house has limited storage space, I am happy to ignore the price differential and pay the extra in order to get a longer run from the item (i.e. as a highchair then as a table+chair combi).

Anyone have any experience or thoughts on this? Thks in advanced smile

llaregguBOO Sat 31-Oct-09 23:35:16

We've got one, or a similar one at least. It has been great. DS1 used it first as a high chair, the as a little table and chair for snacks, play etc. Now DS2 is using it. I suspect wood is harder to clean but we've been very pleased with it. You might want to make sure the wooden head rest is covered though, DS banged his head a few times.

gigglewitch Sat 31-Oct-09 23:44:47

we've got the mothercare one you link to, dd is almost 4yo and still using it though I'm planning to wrestle it off her some time soon. Fantastic value.

BertieBotts Sun 01-Nov-09 00:08:12

Just as another option - I got a Fisher Price booster seat which comes with a tray, (I am sure other companies do them cheaper, I got it in a sale) which DS could sit up really well in from about 4/5 months, it has a play tray which clips into the food tray so he would sit up at the table with this to play with until he started solids, now at 1 year he is still using it as a highchair with the tray on, the tray has 3 positions and is only in the second one. When they get bigger it can be used as a booster seat to sit at the table so probably until about age 2 or 3.

I would say if you plan on having more than one child a booster seat/cheap highchair would be better as otherwise just as you want to start using it as a table you will need it for the next child, and you might as well buy a separate play table for your eldest to use which would work out cheaper.

BertieBotts Sun 01-Nov-09 00:23:55

Plus I think a highchair that turns into a chair + table may be a false economy because it only has one chair and you may not be able to get another matching one, whereas if you get a table and chair specifically you can buy as many chairs as you need.

flyingma Mon 02-Nov-09 16:31:48

Thanks all for the advice. Really appreciate the input!! grin

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