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Tripp Trapp Playtray - Does anyone have one of these?

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raggybo Wed 23-Sep-09 21:27:36

I have an old style Stokke Tripp Trapp which I used for DS1. I am now weaning DS2 and following the BLW route. The inevitable mess is making me consider buying a tray for my Tripp Trapp.

I know you used to be able to buy a wooden tray called a Clic Clac on ebay but these don't seem to be for sale anymore so I have found this:


Does anyone have one? Is it any good?

mcflumpy Tue 10-Nov-09 20:40:14

Hi raggybo did you buy one of these in the end? Interested to know what it's like. Shame about the cluc clac as it looks great! TIA

raggybo Mon 16-Nov-09 16:34:29

Yes I did buy one and it is great! It wasn't cheap, but it has made life much easier.

We are doing BLW and it was a bit of a nightmare with the Tripp Trapp but this tray is great. Unlike the Clic Clac, it is plastic so very easy to keep clean etc.

Definitely recommend it!

HeadlessLadyH Mon 16-Nov-09 16:41:29

I got a one too. Horrendously overpriced for a plastic tray with suckers underneath but I think we'll get our moneys worth out of it. It does make life easier with the BLW in the tripp trapp. Its used 3 times a day and is easy to clean. Wish it was cheaper though as I can't help feel a bit ripped off!

ThisTooShallPass Mon 16-Nov-09 16:43:28

The thing I like best about the Tripp Trapp is that DC sit right up at the table, the tray stops that being possible...

We've got the Stokke Table Top which is fab, great for both eating and play. It's not cheap but is well worth the price IMO. It has six different pictures aimed at different developmental stages. I was a bit hmm about them being that interesting at first but DD finds them really engaging.

ThisTooShallPass Mon 16-Nov-09 16:46:49

x post HeadlessLadyH - I think you mean the Table Top, the OP was about a clip on plastic tray.

HeadlessLadyH Mon 16-Nov-09 18:30:49

Ah. Didn't know they did a different type of tray that you clipped on to the chair.

mcflumpy Sun 29-Nov-09 20:15:01

Got one too. Starting BLW next week, but DD has been using tray to play for the last week, she's loving it. So glad we bought (agreed it is over priced) as I think it will make life a little easier. Thanks for the input!

Betty24 Sun 11-Jul-10 14:20:29


We are a week into weaning and the joy of wiping carrot from the walls is wearing thin!! Just about to purchase one of the playtrays and realise that they don't fit the new plastic babyset. Anyone else had this problem?
Is the fit still good enough to make it worthwhile having?

FrumpyPumpy Sun 11-Jul-10 14:24:39

We have one, fits plastic babyset bought last sept fine, like flexibility to sit at table and on own depending on what eating.

Betty24 Sun 11-Jul-10 20:57:51

Thanks for reply, will def get one now - just had a very messy teatime with a blueberry puree!!

PipsEm Fri 03-Sep-10 09:47:48

I'm just about to buy the Tripp Trapp and PlayTray, just wondering if it definitely fits the new style plastic baby set? any views? help!

wildorange Thu 09-Dec-10 17:16:13

PipsEm: There are two version of the PlayTray. One for original TrippTrapps and a slightly different version for newer TrippTrapps which I assume is to reflect slight TT construction changes.
Our experience of both PlayTray and ClicClac is that the former are slightly better because easier to clean but more bacuse the plastic ones have a lip around the edge which is handy for young ones who have a pushing bowl fetish! Neither help with throwing bowl fetishes!
ClicClacs are no lnger sold as Ergo:Design are 'dead', I believe.

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