Hacking the Tripp Trapp to make it higher?

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TFC90 Thu 22-Apr-21 12:59:03

I really want to get a Tripp Trapp for our son because I want him to be able to eat at the table with us. At the moment we have the IKEA antilop and the tray sits just under our chunky tabletop, so it's 4cm shy of sitting flush against our table.

I don't think the Tripp Trapp goes any higher than the IKEA one, so I was wondering if anyone has a good hack to make the Tripp trapp 4cm or so higher?

Or knows of a similar style to the Tripp trapp that goes a little higher?

I'd never have said our table was taller than average but there you go!

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vvhiterabbit Sun 30-May-21 00:48:31

I’m interested in the exact same thing, have 2tripp trapps (very happy with) but had to let go of our table in favour of huge kitchen height counter.. read somewhere someone put it onto a wooden base/platform that worked well but cant find any pic nor any more info.. if you do, please write back!

Justmuddlingalong Sun 30-May-21 01:08:09

Amazon sell chair raisers which would work with your current highchair. Would that maybe work?

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