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Bumbo safe for 4month old?

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el1506 Thu 20-Dec-18 17:24:46


We’ve been given a bumbo seat with a tray from a friend. My baby is 4months old and hates sitting in her bouncer or lying flat because she wants to see what’s going on so thought the bumbo might be a good compromise as it supports her sitting up. However, I’ve heard that it can be detrimental to babies learning to sit up for themselves so I’m concerned about using it. Does anyone know if it’s ok to use? Or should I maybe buy the M&P snug seat? Or are they all bad for posture?! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

cowfacemonkey Thu 20-Dec-18 17:27:04

From a developmental and postural point of view they are really bad so I wouldn't use it personally

cowfacemonkey Thu 20-Dec-18 17:29:01

This explains it quite nicely

el1506 Thu 20-Dec-18 17:45:38

Thanks @cowfacemonkey I’ll have a read. I’ve not been sure about using it so I think I’ll go with my gut and leave it until she can sit up herself.

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