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Tripp trapp or Bloom Fresco

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Clackalice10 Sun 06-Nov-16 21:52:06


I'm considering buying a high chair that can be used from birth so that baby can be higher up when I'm in the kitchen & out of way of dogs can anyone recommend the Stokke Tripp trapp chair or Bloom fresco??

AveEldon Mon 07-Nov-16 12:02:42

We have the tripp trapp with the newborn bucket seat and it's very useful having the baby high up at the table with everyone else

FurryGiraffe Mon 07-Nov-16 12:11:00

Agree with Ave. The Tripp Trapp is great. DS1 has had his since six months and is still using it at 3.5. We bought a second for DS2 and had the newborn set in it. He's really enjoyed sharing meals with us- and it means we could eat without holding a baby! He's now in the baby set. Even before he could sit independently, he had fantastic posture in the Tripp Trapp. DS1 still prefers his Tripp Trapp to an ordinary chair- so I presume he finds it comfier.

igglepigglegingin Mon 13-Feb-17 17:28:01

We had a Tripp Trapp with newborn attachment - great to keep away from animals and v cosy. We updated to highchair attachment at 4 months - tray is pricey but worth it!

Madonna9 Wed 19-Jul-17 16:01:33

I'm with the other mums, Tripp Trapp is the best! I've only used the classic high chair however. First with a seat filler.
When DS was a baby he'd sit/lie in one of these on the table, never unattended naturally.

dontpokethebear Wed 19-Jul-17 16:05:02

We use Tripp Trapps here too. They are a great all round chair. We lower the seats for guests when we have dinner parties etc.

A friend has a fresco Bloom and it takes up a huge amount of space.

Natsku Wed 19-Jul-17 16:47:11

My little cousins all used the tripp trapp, the middle one still likes to use it at 6 years old.

JudyBlumeForever Wed 19-Jul-17 16:48:50

Tripp trapp. We now have 2 that the dc (7 and 3) still use every meal.

giardiniera Tue 06-Mar-18 19:47:22

I had both. Definitely Stokke.
Within a couple of years all the plastic on the Bloom discoloured in some places not others to a dull yellow.

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