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What baby bouncer?

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Gingernut81 Wed 02-Sep-15 13:17:42

I just wondered if an all singing, all dancing bouncer is necessary or whether something simple is just as good. My DH is being swayed by this which has music & vibrates

Do the vibrations actually make a difference to settling/calming a baby or will we be just as good with something like this?

Kangaroo500 Sat 12-Mar-16 08:18:01

We had that Chicco hoopla one and don't rate it at all...what we found is that it didn't actually bounce enough. Our DD is only small so even at a few months old she couldn't bounce herself in it and even if we did it for her the motion didn't seem to impress her. She loved being in the cheaper type at friends houses...the old fashioned ones with the wire type frames as they allow them to kick around and bounce for themselves. Im going for something like this for number 2:,default,pd.html&q=Baby%20Bouncer&loadMoreCurrentStatus=1&returnCgid=cat_nursery&returnSrule=null&start=&returnScrollPos=291

OurGrowingFamily Thu 05-May-16 10:18:42

Vibrations really helped our little one settle smile

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