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automatic chair swing

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cd782 Mon 18-May-15 20:16:21

Mums : my little one has had trouble feeding (reflux/cmpi blah blah) so he has gotten into really bad sleep habits. Anyway things are settling down a bit now that he is coming up for four months, so I want to try address his sleeping. He only sleeps on me and after max 2 hours he needs giggling to stay asleep (you imagine how crap that makes the nights!).

I starting thinking 'there must be a product for this shit' and I think an automatic chair swing would do it. This is an example of the most top of the range new fangled ones.…/66-swoon-motion-3661276142688.h….
But I can't find one that specifies it will keep swinging all night if I plug it in. Has anyone heard of one that does? Could you tell me the model name or send me a link? Help! x

PeterParkerSays Mon 18-May-15 20:31:31

I've never seen one that plugs in, only battery powered. I'm not sure they'd do what you want though as you'll find that your DC grows out of it too soon for it to be of any real use for sleeping i.e. have their head over the back of the seat.

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