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Best place to get Stokke Tripp trapp?

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cardamomginger Sat 21-Sep-13 20:21:45

And by best, I obviously mean cheapest, but involving minimum of hassle grin.

Anyone know what they tend to be like on Ebay? I know you can get really good bargains with some things, but others tend to usually be a load of clapped out rubbish.

Thank you!

SeashellHoarder Sat 21-Sep-13 20:38:39

Do you really need a Tripp trapp? We wanted one but after some research found the huack.

Very similar design, grows with child etc, but £35. Brand new from amazon.

Good quality as well.

cardamomginger Sat 21-Sep-13 20:46:49

DD is 3, so we are out of high chair territory, but we want something that will give her a better height at the dining table. Friends have a Tripp Trapp and she sits very nicely in it. Will have a look at the huack though. Thanks.

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