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A highchair that can't be rocked back and forth?

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Birdies Tue 30-Jul-13 13:42:26

I need a highchair for my 2 year old. She isn't walking so it needs to have a harness or something to stop her falling out of it. She likes to kick her legs and bounce the chair about in her current plastic one so I'm after something really sturdy that she can't rock whilst eating? I've looked at the Tripp Trapp but seems like it can tip backwards? And one review I rea mentioned the baby rocking it back and forth.

It would also need a footrest to help her have good posture whilst eating.

Thanks smile

goodjambadjar Tue 30-Jul-13 15:24:05

We've got the Mothercare High T high chair. It has a footrest, a strong adjustable harness and a wide base so is very solid. Easy to clean, large removable tray, massive under chair storage sling thingy and folds fairly flat. My DD is nearly 2, she has lots of room still. Its also table height so we can pull her up to the table for family meals, without the tray. I highly recommend it, check out your nearest mothercare for a look (and test drive?)

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