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Chicco Happy snack vs Chicco Polly 2-in-1

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MamaBlue4 Mon 08-Apr-13 20:57:14

We're weaning the twins and in need of highchairs. The boys have only ever been breast fed w/out bottles, so we need to get them used to chairs so we can wean them on bottles as well as food.

We have a big kitchen so space isn't an issue. Our toddler uses a booster seat and so we no longer have her highchair or remember which we used.

A friend has the Chicco happy snack highchair and she likes it but is it suitable for 7 month olds, the gap underneath is a little concerning but I've been looking at the Chicco Polly 2-in-1 as there's no gap underneath and the padding seems like a good idea - I like there design too .

Has anyone had experience with either? Pros/cons? We need to buy them soon as, so any advice is welcome smile

NannyR Mon 08-Apr-13 21:28:41

Both of those look like they would be pretty difficult to keep clean. Most of the families I've worked for who started off with a chair like that very quickly moved onto a stokke Tripp trapp or an ikea antilop.
Both have the advantage of having baby sat at the table with the rest of the family and are much easier to keep clean, the antilop especially. It only costs about £15 as well, a bargain!

MamaBlue4 Mon 08-Apr-13 22:25:30

I've looked at those and even though they look easy to clean, they don't look very comfortable and they look sterile and uninviting. Not for me.

My friend says hers is easy to clean, just clip off the board and wipe down the seat. Can't be any more harder than any other seat or table can it? lol.

Thank you for the reply smile

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