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Help please with antilop harness!!

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Wildwaterfalls Wed 13-Feb-13 15:00:20

Hi all smile

Very pleased with our IKEA antilop high chair, but decided to buy an additional harness for safety.

It's a standard Mothercare one but I am clearly a bit stupid sleep-deprived as I just cannot work out how to attach it to the chair. Aargh!

Has anyone done this?

Thank you!

BadRoly Wed 13-Feb-13 15:02:56

I used reins - they used to come with either the long reign attachment or two little bits. I made the antilop strap as tight as it would go then threaded the reigns attachment bits onto the strap. Does that make any sense?

Wildwaterfalls Wed 13-Feb-13 15:14:30

Thanks BR that was really quick.

I am really being exceptionally slow today - can I ask a follow-up question?

This harness has reins too so have now attached the actual longer reins. I have shortened the antilop straps so they can just be clipped closed, but no room for baby iyswim. Now how do I attach one to the other? How did you do the threading?

Thank you again!!smile

BadRoly Wed 13-Feb-13 16:40:41

Back again, school runs and stuff, sorry.

I confused myself ^^^. Good that antilop strap is tight but you might have to take it back off again confused

So reins set comes with harness, long rein and 2 little rein thingys wink.

Ditch the long rein (well obviously don't but you don't need it got this wink)

Two little thingies I had had loops at the end. I just threaded these onto the antilop strap. Then adjusted the clippy in bit to the right length and clipped the harness bit on.

Is that any better? I would send you a picture but my youngest is approaching 4 and the high chair is long gone! However, the poorly described explanation worked for all 4 dc over a period of probably 10 years!!

Wildwaterfalls Wed 13-Feb-13 17:16:27

Thank you so much!!

I had missed the loopy bits on the short thingies smile.

It now works beautifully! Have even inserted DD who looks very content (and secure!).

Great explanation - apologies for being so slow to get it grin

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