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Funpod - question for anyone who owns one already

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MamaMia100 Sun 04-Nov-12 09:01:01

I know loads of people think these are stupid, so I'm not looking to start a discussion about them, I just want to know if it could be used as a step for an adult to reach high up cupboards as well. I cannot reach half the stuff in out kitchen so need some kind of step but if I get a normal step I will have to spend all day guarding it as my 14-month old will constantly climb it and fall off. I also noticed that you can get a lid for the Funpod which would be a third use providing a much needed extra bit of kitchen surface in our tiny kitchen. So, to recap, what I want to know is: if you own one of these could you (as an adult) use it to step into to reach high up cupboards (ie does the side come off easily or would you have to unscrew it)? TIA

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