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Baby Bjorn bouncer or Beaba up and down - any experience with either?

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JRsandCoffee Tue 30-Oct-12 11:51:18


I was just wondering if any of you lovelies had any experience of either of these two products? I want something that is usable from birth and have narrowed it down to these two - happy to consider any other amazing suggestions! Mother in Law wants to give this as a present but wants us to specify.

Exhibit one is the Beaba up and down rocker chair.

I like the idea of being able to raise the baby up away from the floor a bit. We have a lovely, sweet, affectionate jack russell who once he recovers from the shock I anticipate being most interested in welfare of the baby (currently keeping a very close eye on fat me) and generally trying to do his best doggy clean up operation on baby at every turn - i.e. licking. I'd like to be able to raise her at least mostly out of reach some of the time otherwise I'll be permenantly cleaning the a baby after the dog every time I turn my back (he'll stay off her while I've got my eye on them but will be unable to resist a sneaky once over if I say go to answer the phone or the door..) So, I like the idea of this one for that reason and also because for example while eating we can have her up more at our level etc. Also I can raise it up when she's not in occupation and avoid any small doggy person trying to keep it warm for her..... BUT looks a bit bulky and not that easy to take visiting for a morning say.

Exhibit two is the Babybjorn Babysitter
Suspect this one can be got cheaper elsewhere but just using the link!!
This one I like because it is easy to fold away and light for taking places with you. The obvious drawback from the above is that she would be more within doggy range all the time and he may try and occupy if it is vacant (JRs like to snuggle, it looks snuggly).

Anyway, anyone have any experience of either of these? Sorry for long ramble!

JRsandCoffee Sat 01-Dec-12 07:48:07

Just posting back in case anyone else has the same dilemma. Baby turned up 5 weeks early so decision rather sppdioy made. We went for the up and down chair and are really pleased with it. We put it on the high setting and so far baby has been unmolested by the dog who just stood up on his back legs and peered at her before deciding she was fine up there and moving on. In due course I think it will keep him away from tuggy hands.

DH put it together with no problems, comes flat packeed.

Quality is good and seat is quite cosy and easy to clean.

The harness is quite big on her as she is so tiny but I've managed to adapt it a bit to an acceptable fit. Wouldn't leave her in it unattended though until she is bigger as while I'm happy she's not falling out the shoulder strap covers are closer to her little face than I'd like so I'm constantly checking that she hasn't lolled into them, she hasn't but like to have an eye on it!

Although it is quite big (I've evicted a small chair to make room) it is light and easy to move, I take her into the kitchen when I'm cooking and pop her in a corner and she has a good view!

Oh, and she seems to love it, lies there gazing around and gurgling! The rock is really handy (powered by me at the mo) but when she is bigger I'm sure she will rock herself :-).

I'm hoping we get a bit more time than the six months out of it on account of her being prem!

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