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Do you like your east coast combi chair?

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Lamby80 Tue 23-Oct-12 14:30:29

Does anyone have the east coast combi chair and recommend this? I have been told the baby can slump to the side quite a bit and that the tray is quite tight for a toddler. Any opinions greatly appreciated!

FreelanceMama Wed 24-Oct-12 00:02:01

we have it - I think! You mean the one that turns into a separate little chair and table? The tray has two fixing points. The problem we have is the straps - the shoulder straps actually start from the bottom of the seat which means the baby can slump about and the strap that goes between the baby's legs at the front is too far forward. Such a shame. I love the highchair in terms of it being furniture he can have for years, but until he gets bigger we're using a travel booster seat from Mothercare.

ThreadWatcher Wed 24-Oct-12 00:09:34

I havent got one but:

Based on my experience Id go for a highchair with a comfy seat (as the east coast does NOT look comfy!)
or the Ikea Antilop (which is seriously cheap but truly marvellous and I imagine quite comfy given that its not padded)

Then get this maybe Latt

I found with baby stuff that one product can try to meet lots of different needs but rarely does - better to go for a few different products that aim to serve different needs. In the same way that rarely can the same pushchair be both fantastic for a newborn and a 2yo. (hope that makes sense)

mumnosbest Wed 24-Oct-12 00:14:49

If im thinking of the right one, mothercare has a similar one. We had it for dcs1+2. I loved it and have bought it again for dc3
stupidly sold the other as we were done with babies

Lamby80 Wed 24-Oct-12 08:18:15

Thank you for your help. I did consider using a booster seat in the interim as we are just starting weaning and we tried a mamas ans papas one that he sits upright in. I think i will go with that. Thank you for your help!

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