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High chair v booster seat

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Cydonia Sat 20-Oct-12 20:56:00

What are the main advantages/disadvantages of both? DS is 5 months so preparing for weaning. We've been given an old Antilop but it only has a waist strap, not a harness so not sure if it's safe? Just want something comfy and easy to clean, doesn't matter if it doesn't fold as could sit at the table in place of a normal chair. Ideally not massive or expensive ( under £50 preferably ) Any recommendations?

Rockchick1984 Sun 21-Oct-12 17:15:15

Antilop is the best thing ever! As long as your DS can sit up in it he will be fine. We had a £150 high chair, which has now been discarded for this and a booster which comes to GP's houses but meant DS was a little too low at their tables until he was about 12 months. Also better to have something with a removable tray in case you don't want to eat at the table one day, or if using high chair as a safe place to sit him eg I used to put my DS in there with some toys on the tray in the kitchen so I could get on with cooking smile

RikersBeard Sun 21-Oct-12 17:19:49

We have a very stylish, expensive beech thing. Which is in the loft because it's massive, impractical and difficult to clean.
We use a mothercare plastic booster chair (folding one) at home and everywhere else. It has a tray or you can push up to table, was cheap, and I sling the whole thing in the dishwasher when it gets really mucky.

Antilops are also good, especially at first, but when they start to climb some children climb up out of them

DorisIsWaiting Sun 21-Oct-12 18:15:04

we had the antilop, you can get padding for them and we used ours intially with a set of reins. which worked fine. Honestly if you get rid in months to come you may well regret it (especially when you are digging out rotten banana from every nook and cranny in a super deluxe padded monster). Bitter voice of expereince speaking grin.

If you really do want another chair have a look at ebay or gumtree.

Cydonia Mon 22-Oct-12 04:39:44

Thanks for the replies, l'll try him in the Antilop and see what he thinks. I want him to be quite secure though as don't want to have to stand over him all the time he's in it. Will it be safe enough for that? He's quite wriggly!

armedtotheteeth Mon 22-Oct-12 04:43:53

The Antilop is great! So easy to clean and easy to put in the car when you go away too. If you're worried about him climbing out just buy a cheap set of reins as someone else suggested.

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