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Any experience with the Oxotot sprout highchair?

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Wantsnomore Mon 17-Sep-12 14:58:48

I am looking at it for my son. Is it good and worth the money?

getagoldtoof Mon 17-Sep-12 19:43:12

I love ours; it is sturdy and inescapable. We have used a friend's ikea antelop, I think it's called, which was really nice, but the oxo has the edge. It's so chunky, and very easy to clean. I think it is a lot of money though, and we were given ours as a gift. Having said that, it will last for ages.

starlight36 Mon 17-Sep-12 19:58:55

We love ours as well and are planning on buying another one to match for our second child next year. It is more expensive than other chairs but we have an open plan dining /living room so we wanted something stylish which could be permanently on display.

As above it is very easy to keep clean. We also like the relatively small space the legs take up - some high chairs take up a lot of floor space.

Wantsnomore Tue 18-Sep-12 09:06:52

Thanks, I am glad your comments were positive as I really like it! Are there many shops that sell it or is it just online?

starlight36 Sun 23-Sep-12 11:53:30

I've only seen it in John Lewis - the Oxford Street store had them on display in all the colour ranges. Other larger John Lewis stores may also have them.

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