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Highchair you can push up to table

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sammysamsam Wed 01-Aug-12 17:03:21

I'd go for the tripp too. My kids really love it as it seems like a big persons chair to them. Both hated being 'confined' to highchairs.. And dd also was a problem eater until wee started eating like a proper family ( otherwise I'd feed kids first to gerrem out the way!)

Chocoholic21 Tue 24-Jul-12 14:33:55

I've got the Tripp Trapp and the Antilop and would reccomend both. We have the Tripp Trapp in the dining room and doesn't look out of place with our wooden furniture and the Antilop in the kitchen. The Tripp Trapp is worth every penny though and you could buy second hand or sell on after if you buy it new.

crispyjojo Tue 24-Jul-12 14:22:16

We've got the booster seat from Argos. It's brilliant. Our DS loves being sat at the table with everyone else. Bargain price too!

Kaloobear Tue 24-Jul-12 14:16:28

DD is happy in her BabyDan, which is effectively a Tripp Trapp for a fraction of the price.

RichManPoorManBeggarmanThief Tue 24-Jul-12 14:06:44

The Ikea one is really good and the best thing about it is that it's just moulded plastic so if you're doing BLW and it gets plastered in food you can just hose it down afterwards. I do have a tripp trapp and they are nice but to be honest, for the price differential, I'd go Antilop.

ForgetCollette Tue 24-Jul-12 14:01:20

Forgot to say, to push it up to the table you just don't use the tray. Oh, and the tray is dishwasher safe if you do ever use it.

ForgetCollette Tue 24-Jul-12 14:00:17

This is one of the best things we ever bought for the DC, a booster seat Its fabulous, we have 2 of them. You can use your normal chair so you don't lse any space for a high chair, it is height adjustable so will fit under the table, you can take it away with you so they can sit at the table at others houses too, it is one formed piece of plastic so simple to clean with no nooks or crannies for food to get stuck in. Basically, I think its the muts nuts.

MrsFaffnBobbocks Tue 24-Jul-12 13:54:40

I am happy with Baby Dan. Cheaper than Tripp. Look out for deals. I got both of ours for half price. My six year old still uses his.

Longdistance Tue 24-Jul-12 13:54:11

We have a wooden high chair matches our dinind room furniture and bought this in Toy'r'expensive. It has a tray table that can be put back, so the high chair can be pushed right against the dining room table. Our dd1 uses it like this, and she's at the dinner table with us eating.
We also have the Ikea one, if you're on a budget would highly recommend (antilop).

SmileItsSunny Tue 24-Jul-12 13:49:23

Phil and ted, got ours on ebay and it is brilliant!

debka Tue 24-Jul-12 13:22:47

We got Tripp Trapp knock offs for both of ours and swear by them. I think DD2's came from the Tesco sale.

trikken Tue 24-Jul-12 13:20:42

Another vote for the asda redkite high chair.still going strong, nice looking and easy to clean plus good value.

mamij Tue 24-Jul-12 13:20:03

Tripp Trapp too! We got it on eBay for about £20 pick up only - great condition after going through seller's three children (youngest now 5 years old).

nancerama Tue 24-Jul-12 13:19:25

Phil and Ted do seats that can clip directly into the table.

I have a wooden chair from Kiddicare (much like the Stokke). It has a tray which you can screw on or leave off. I find it really useful to have the choice.

MelanieWiggles Tue 24-Jul-12 13:17:21

Another vote for the tripp trapped here. Worth every penny.

Portlypenguin Tue 24-Jul-12 13:15:58

Thanks everyone...will consider hte options! Heard about the tripp trapp previously but it might be a bit out of budget.

Stokke Tripp Trapp - all the way! You can get similar versions cheaper but the Tripp is worth every penny!

IfElephantsWoreTrousers Tue 24-Jul-12 09:04:03

Another vote for the ikea one - they are well-designed and comfortable.
We also got one of these second hand off ebay for £15, without the tray it is fine at the table (it's the trip-trap's poorer cousin) but it's a lot more difficult to keep clean.

MrsBucketxx Tue 24-Jul-12 08:49:55

hauk do one too.

could you not get a booster or clip on seat that fits to the table both seem to be cheaper options.

PotteringAlong Tue 24-Jul-12 08:47:03

it was this one! turns out it was £16 but it's been excellent

PotteringAlong Tue 24-Jul-12 08:45:41

We bought a travel one from mothercare that you just strap to your dining room chair for DS. It was £14 and although I can't remember what it's called it's green if that helps!

plantsitter Tue 24-Jul-12 08:31:17

The IKEA Antilop - just don't get the tray. It's £12.

issimma Tue 24-Jul-12 08:28:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Tue 24-Jul-12 08:23:28

The Tripp Trapp. Expensive but worth it IMO. I know a 10 and 12yo who still use theirs.

Portlypenguin Tue 24-Jul-12 08:19:52

DS's dietician (dairy allergic, poor growth) has suggested I get a highchair we can push right up to the dining table at our level so DS can eat alongside us.

Can anyone recommend one?


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