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HighChair to sit on a seat?

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MildredIsMyAlterEgo Mon 27-Aug-12 11:40:25

chunky I bought that one, we use it at DMs house. DS 21mo won't sit in his highchair now at home, but he'll happily climb into the one at DMs hmm

dldl Mon 27-Aug-12 11:35:16

We have "The First Years MiSwivel Feeding Chair". Got all the features of a top of the range high chair, but sits on a chair. We bought it from Asda for £30. Can't see it on their site anymore, but worth googling £30 we spent. Used it from when he was little.

Chunkychicken Thu 23-Aug-12 11:02:58

I was just coming on to see if anyone had any recomendations about boosters seats for toddlers, but couldn't not share what we've used with our DD. We didn't have the space for a high chair, so as soon as she was self-supporting and eating meals with us, we bought one of these Mothercare Folding Booster Seat. I can't tell if they've changed the design slightly, but found that the tray was large and practical for a weaning baby (we did babyled weaning, so needed somewhere she could get to her food) and until very recently, she has been happy to sit in the seat, at the table. The fact it folds and goes into a bag made it easy work for visiting friends and family and even for taking to a picnic. The 5 point harness also reassured me that she was safe to be left 'unattended' when we popped into the kitchen to grab a drink or whatever. Now she's 2.4, she wants to sit on a 'proper' seat like Mummy, so we may have to opt for just a cushion-type booster, but will be hanging on to the original seat for DC2 when the time comes.

primigravida Sun 01-Jul-12 08:19:44

I have a handysitt and it's fantastic.

AKMD Sat 30-Jun-12 15:37:44

I've got this one, which we've been using since DS was about 7 months for meals at other people's houses and restaurants. I really like it, the only downside being that it's not wipe-clean so needs a scrub when it gets messy.

HairyFairy16 Sat 30-Jun-12 12:51:13

Hi, I have one of these but I am trying to find something similar that will be suitable for an 8 month old onward.

Can anyone help? I don't want to buy a HighChair really cause it won't be used for long before they could go in something similar to the above anyway.

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