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Which booster seat - any thoughts?

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Jennyrosity Thu 07-Jun-12 10:20:24

Hello. Have started looking at highchairs in preparation for starting BLW in just over a month. We want one that can attach to our dining chairs, partly due to lack of space, but also because we want DD to sit up at the table with us, so she learns from us and meals can be a social thing.

I'm torn between these two:,default,pd.html?cm_sp=ProductFeatures-_-Last%2520visited-_-Mothercare%2520Travel%2520Folding%2520Booster

The MC one is slightly taller, which might be good as so is she. It also has shoulder straps not just waist straps - which might be good as DD is a wriggler and remarkably strong for 5 months, or might just restrict her movement too much, making it more difficult for her to get to her food and ending up frustrating her - she's never got much use from her bouncy chair as she hates being strapped in it.

On a superficial level I think the Amazon one looks slightly nicer, but I know that doesn't really matter!

What do you guys think? Am I just massively over-analysing this?!

Jennyrosity Thu 07-Jun-12 10:27:29

Damn, link fail. Do these work?,default,pd.html?cm_sp=ProductFeatures-_-Last%2520visited-_-Mothercare%2520Travel%2520Folding%2520Booster

PaperDolls Thu 06-Sep-12 23:15:19

OP, I am currently in this situation - any advice? (if you managed to decide between the two!)


hidinginthecupboard Thu 06-Sep-12 23:25:09

I had a fisher price one (its blue white and green)which I liked very much as it has two layers of trays, so if the top white one is filthy after the first course/spag bol you can take it off and you've still got the blue one for them to cover in yoghurt. Plus you can put the tray in the dishwasher. You can change the height on it too as they get bigger and it folds up so is easy to store.

GraceK Thu 06-Sep-12 23:32:04

I'd say neither of those & go for a Handysitt which comes up to your table properly & folds flat (so easy to take places too). We only had that & no high chair for DD1 and has done two other kids since then so very hard wearing & also looks quite nice.

They seem to have got quite expensive since we got our's 7 years ago - but available for sensible prices second hand on Ebay and all easy to clean. If you do get a booster to use both at home & out and about then stick a label with your mobile number on it - we once had a 40 mile round trip to collect our's from a restaurant near the grandparents having left it behind.

Good luck!

PaperDolls Fri 07-Sep-12 22:19:07

Thank you both, v. useful. I like the idea of changeable heights (and trays) as well.

The Handysitt looks good too, but am thinking for 1 year plus maybe?

GraceK will keep that in mind! smile

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