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Would you recommend the tripp trapp chair?

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welovesausagedogs Thu 19-Apr-12 13:36:53

I have a DS who is 4 a dd who is two and another dd who is nearly 2 months. For DS we used a french highchair (those ones that convert into a table/chair) and we used the same for DD. DD is still in the highchair with the tray taken off, but DS now has to sit on a normal chair but he is still too low and can't quite reach the table, i though maybe a tripp trapp might solve this problem, i also thought the new baby attachment may mean DD wouldn't be sat in her baby bouncer under the table but instead would be sat at the table with the other kids.

We have friends who have them and DS and DD are always happy to sit on them at other house. Would you recommend them, found they filled that gap?

redrobin Thu 19-Apr-12 13:40:22

yes - we bought our when DD was about eight months old...she still uses it every day seven years later. Plus they actually look nice!

Beanbagz Thu 19-Apr-12 13:41:40

We have had Tripp Trapps since my DCs were 6 months old & they're now 10 & 7 and still using them. The chairs get tham at the right height for our table as our dining chairs make them sit too low.

I liked the fact that they were sitting at the table with us rather than with a tray in front of them. It makes for great family meal times.

So yes i would recommend them!

snannack Fri 04-May-12 09:24:29

Hi - can anyone tell me who makes the tray which fits a Trip Trapp but isn't made by Trip Trapp (and therefore half the price??) Thanks

Muminspace Thu 02-Aug-12 11:07:44

That would be this:

I thought about buying that. But in the end I bought the Stokke tray that suctions onto the table. At around the same price, I think you'll get more use from the Stokke tray. It looks like a lot for a tray, but like the chair, it's all in the simplicity and it doing what is meant to do, well. The suction cups, to my surprise, suck brilliantly on my slightly rough, unpolished wood table, and the tray is tough. The sides are high enough to keep stuff and spills on, but the edge is curved on the outside so the baby, or toddler, is not having to reach over an uncomfortable edge. Initial outlay looks high for a tray, but I reckon you'll use it longer.

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