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Doomoo seat

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Twinklebum Sun 19-Feb-12 09:24:02

Does anyone have one? Are they any good? I am thinking of getting one for my dd 10m one, will it be too small for her?

Or anything similar or should I just get a normal bean bag?

Mich9966 Sat 14-Apr-12 09:43:49


Yes I have three, (two for home and one at nans). A Absolute "must have" as far as I am concerned. Very soft texture which moulds to a babies shape, so ideal if a new born has reflux. James (my eldest aged 4) screams if he can not use the doomoo seat at his nans so we are getting another as my daughter (Laura aged 17 months) loves the doomoo too. Dont buy anything else, a doomoo is good for about 8 years, many bean bags will last just a few months.

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