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Tripp trapp or booster seat

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Lambzig Sat 31-Dec-11 19:18:29

My DD is 22 months and is fighting me about going in her (ludicrously expensive, my d sister chose it) Phil and Teds high chair. She wants to be on a chair, but is tiny so it just doesnt work. have been thinking about getting a tripp trapp, but wanted to know if they do really last for years (my step mother tells me that DD will hate it after a year) or if I should just buy a booster seat and stick it on a chair. any views?

ladyintheradiator Sat 31-Dec-11 19:23:45

Having had both I'd go with a booster seat - cheap, portable, don't mess up the existing layout of table/chairs. I was going to suggest the IKEA antilop if you want a separate high chair but at 22months not sure you'd get the use out of it.

stripygiraffe Sat 31-Dec-11 19:25:16

Ikea also do junior chairs that are higher than regular chairs but a fraction of the cost of a Tripp Trapp.

MrsDobalina Sat 31-Dec-11 20:07:48

Don't waste your money on a trip trap or any expensive high chair. From bitter experience it will sit in the corner of your room and remind you what a waste of money it is, sob. We turfed DS out of the Trip Trap to turn it back into a highchair for DD when he was 25 months and he went straight to sitting on a wadge of cushions or kneeling on a normal chair (he's also tiny but had a good growth spurt at 2.3 then struggled much less to reach) so hopefully you won't even need a booster seat for long!

MrsDobalina Sat 31-Dec-11 20:12:02

Ooh sorry read your post totally wrong, sorry!!! Think your mum might be right cos DS won't sit in the trip trap now at all at 2.6 even if its free and only wants to sit on a chair.

Sam100 Sat 31-Dec-11 20:24:02

Our 2 trip traps are still in daily use - have had them over 8 years! Dcs are 9, 8 and 5.

thisisyesterday Sat 31-Dec-11 20:33:54

we had the babydan version of the tripp trapp and have just sold it because at 2.5 yrs ds3 just wants a normal chair like his brothers,

so I wouldn't bother.
we use a kaboost at my mums house, which just raises the chair up

hellisotherpeople Sat 31-Dec-11 20:38:00

We have two tripp trapp seats for our two boys. Love 'em!

Lambzig Sun 01-Jan-12 10:54:22

Thanks, I think I might get a Handysitt as she likes sitting on those in a restaurant we go to and it looks like it might last a bit and good price in sales at the moment.

As an aside why do manufacturers lie about how long their products last, so that first time mums (who didnt go on Mumsnet) fall for it? We bought a cot that was supposed to last till two and she was out of it by one. The high chair we had was supposed to last till four (yes i know thats ridiculous now, but didnt at the time) and she is tight in it at 22 months. My DD is really small, 10th percentile for weight and height, so its not that we have a big child. Drives me nuts.

MrsMagnolia Sun 15-Jan-12 19:31:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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