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Bumbo potty?

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Gracie123 Wed 23-Feb-11 09:11:06

What is it about the Bumbo that makes my kids take a dump whenever they are put in it?
Has anyone else experienced this?
If so, why isn't there such a thing as a bumbo potty?
I could put DD on it diaperless, let her poo, clean her up and put her in normal bumbo, thus saving me a diaper, and an outfit change (because everyone knows poo in a bumbo squirts out the legs and up the back) and she wouldnt have the fear of taking a poo in the toilet that all potty training toddlers appear to go through.
Am I just out of the loop? Has someone already invented this?

HettyAmaretti Wed 23-Feb-11 09:12:38

Well, you could try just putting her on the potty. The baby bjorn little potty is nice and small.

HettyAmaretti Wed 23-Feb-11 09:14:14


Gracie123 Wed 23-Feb-11 09:32:58

She can't sit up on her own yet, let alone balance on a potty!! grin

HettyAmaretti Wed 23-Feb-11 09:34:49

But still, but I bet she'd poo if you held her on the potty.

Clueless79 Sat 25-Jun-11 21:35:27

Ha ha ha having a giggle reading this thread I have cone across purely by accident as we have exactly the same issue with our 8wo da on the mothercare bouncy seat thing. So much so that we just refer to it as 'the toilet'. We have a bumbo ready for when he's big enough so looking forward to seeing if it has the same effect!!!

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