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Geuther family high chair

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dollybirdy Sun 23-Jan-11 22:43:40

Does anyone have the Geuther family high chair? I've seen it in the NCT catalogue and like the look of it (wooden / adjustable / has a tray) but can't find any reviews. I like the Trip Trap too but would like a tray so that DD doesn't always have to be at the table (or can you get a tray to attach to the Trip Trap??). Thanks for your help - I am confused and need to order the chair soon!

Member475802 Wed 22-Jul-15 10:17:26

Hi dollybird, did you ever get any feedback about your question? I cant find much info about them either, but they look great - like you say, the benefits of the tripp trapp but with a detatchable tray! It's 4 years later now...did you get that high chair? If so, what did u think? Thanks smile

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