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Buying a highchair

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Pamina Mon 27-Aug-01 18:57:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bo Tue 28-Aug-01 11:31:52

I originally bought a Mothercare own one, can't remember the name but it was blue. I found it difficult to clean, and the webbing straps were disgusting and a health hazard straight away. So watch out for those. Also, it was big & bulky and in reality didn't get folded up, even though we originally planned to do so, basically because it was too much of a faff as I needed it constantly.

I now have a Baby Dan (I think is the name) from Tesco direct - a wooden one. Although it's not a folder it takes up less space than the folding one did (which as I said never got folded up anyway). Plus, as it's wooden, it's a lot more pleasing on the eye than a bright garish plastic. It's also very adjustable & easy to clean. I'm really happy with it.

Another thing to watch out for with the plastic ones is that the vinyl on the seat is liable to split. This is what happened to my first after only a month, rendering it unusable. I was so glad it happened really, so I could take it back and get this wooden one.

However, now I have a second child I have bought a folding booster seat instead of a high chair. Lots of people on this site have recommended the safety first one - I think Argos sells it for about £20 to £25. I've put a sheet of plastic on top of the chair it's fixed to, and it's really easy to clean & comes with a detachable tray. So we now have one that we can take away with us. Lots of holiday places actually charge you to hire such things as cots & high chairs, so you may well cover your costs if you went for this option.

Batters Tue 28-Aug-01 11:36:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bloss Tue 28-Aug-01 11:49:49

Message withdrawn

Bugsy Tue 28-Aug-01 12:42:15

I would also recommend the Safety First chair, which was all we ever used. We have quite a small kitchen and I couldn't face the thought of yet more baby clutter in the house, so we bought the Safety First chair when our son was five months old and it has been brilliant (he's now 23 months). I have to confess that I did an incredibly wicked thing when he was very small and put it on the kitchen worktop, which was great as it meant he was at a good height for me to help feed him and any mess was easily cleaned up. As soon as he was stronger then it was strapped to a chair and we still use it now as a booster seat. It has been ski-ing twice and on summer holidays as well as to numerous relatives and friends.
I think I should be a saleswoman!

Willow2 Tue 28-Aug-01 14:29:08

Don't buy the Chicco Mamma - Mothercare's best seller I believe. It is a nightmare to clean, the tray is too far away from the child, and at seventeen months old my son still needed a booster seat in it. The best one I have seen is Ikea's bog simple one. Think it costs about £10!

Emsiewill Tue 28-Aug-01 20:15:46

For my second dd, we got the £10 one from IKEA, which I found much better than the £25-ish one I bought for the first. It's very basic, but then what do you really need in a highchair? - it's a chair that's high! It's much better to clean than others I've seen/had; no nooks and crannies for the food to hide in. It also comes apart (the legs come off), so you can take it away with you if you want. If you want a tray to go with it, you have to pay an extra £5, though, but if you're happy to use it at the table (as I am) how can you say "no" for £10.
I also have a booster seat - it's the Tomy one, which cost about £25 from Mothercare. We've found it really useful, as it fits into the basket under the pushchair, so is very portable. Also useful when friends/relatives come to stay/visit.

Bexi Fri 31-Aug-01 14:31:30

Another thumbs up for the £10 IKEA highchair. (I went the whole hog and splashed out an extra £5 to get the tray aswell.) It's been really good - I've had it for over a year now. When I was looking at highchairs I wanted to get one where you could adjust the height and that had a padded seat. I thought the IKEA one didn't look too comfortable but bought it anyway and I'm very impressed with it. It's never seemed uncomfortable and as Emsiewill says, it comes apart really easily to transport and it's easy to clean. It really is good value for money.

FredAboutAFred Mon 22-Nov-10 18:52:43

why is this pertinend to southampton

neolara Mon 22-Nov-10 18:55:37

I would also recommend the Ikea Antilop. Easy to clean, easy to transport, cheap. A million times better than the very expensive piece of crap I had before (can't remember what it was though, sorry.)

Ryoko Sat 04-Dec-10 09:51:37

I too would like to know about High Chairs, There is a wooden one in Argos (I think mother care do the same one only more expensive) that changes into a table and chair set, does anyone know if that is any good?

or should I just get a cheapo high chair or booster seat with a tray?.

At the moment I'm sitting him on the sofa to feed him.

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