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Upload picture of your children's favourite animal (either photo or drawing) for chance to win a signed, limited edition Eric Carle print

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AliceMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 28-Mar-14 09:58:25

Everybody has a favourite animal; Lucy Cousins' is a leopard, Jon Klassen's is a duck, and Eric Carle? He loves cats! In the brand new picture book What?s Your Favourite Animal by Eric Carle and Friends, Eric asks some of the best children's book illustrators of our time to each draw their favourite animal. The result is a colourful parade of animals from giraffes with their heads in the clouds to fuzzy dogs to squishy snails!

To celebrate What's Your Favourite Animal? we are offering Mumsnetters the chance to win an amazing limited edition print of Eric Carle's favourite animal, signed by Eric Carle himself, plus a copy of the book. Five runners up will win a copy of the book. All you have to do is upload an image of your DC's favourite animal to this thread (either a photo or your DC's drawing).

The competition is open until Friday 18 April and we'll announce the winner of the limited edition print and book shortly after on this thread.

This competition is sponsored by Walker Books.

hazeyjane Wed 09-Apr-14 12:20:48

Ok I'll stop now!

ILoveCwtches Wed 09-Apr-14 15:45:56

Dd(11mo) loves seagulls. We live in a flat, in the centre of a city, on the coast. There are hundreds of them flying around. She loves watching them out of the window.

She can spot one at 50 yards and if you ask her where the seagulls are, she flaps her arms!

FlankShaftMcWap Wed 09-Apr-14 17:54:03

My lovely DD2 is enthralled with wolves, here she is at a museum trip having a close encounter.

Indith Wed 09-Apr-14 18:59:23

Dd is 5 and dinosaur obsessed. I'm not sure she ever thinks about anything else. It is all she draws, makes or reads about. This is a triceratops she made hatching out of an egg.

Indith Wed 09-Apr-14 19:00:08

Shall have to find some by the boys!

Kveta Wed 09-Apr-14 21:49:54

DD is 21 months, and drew a remarkable likeness of the Giardia parasite recently - does that count?! here are some images of Giardia for comparison, in case you don't believe me grin

BigArea Wed 09-Apr-14 22:50:41

We have our own Hungry Caterpillars at the moment - we've watched them grow from tiny to fat and then pupate - we are now waiting patiently for the chrysalids to hatch. Absolutely fascinating for both DD and me, I thoroughly recommend doing it smile [butterfly]

Other than that she loves her guinea pigs to bits but the caterpillars have been much more exciting of late grin

Littlegreyauditor Thu 10-Apr-14 00:13:39

At the minute DS remains obsessed with cats, specifically this cat. The adoration is not reciprocated, probably due to the tail pulling hmm

idleweiss Thu 10-Apr-14 09:27:45

Ever since reading Slowly, Slowly Said the Sloth by Eric Carle my Eldest DD, who is 3 and a half, has been totally obsessed with them, especially Pygmy Sloths! smile

barricade Thu 10-Apr-14 18:17:52

Lia The Lizard - current Animal of the Week.

Have to let it go soon (the Lizard, not our DS) as it's not suited to the British climate which we will be returning to.

Attached:- 2 pics - Photos and an artist rendition of Princess Lia (soon to be exhibited at the Louvre Museum!!!)


barricade Thu 10-Apr-14 18:31:30

Lia The Lizard - DS's current Animal of the Week.

Have to let it go soon (the lizard, not our DS) as it's not suited to the British climate which we'll be returning to.

Attached:- 2 pics - photos and an artist rendition (soon to be exhibited at the Louvre Museum!!!)


Quinteszilla Thu 10-Apr-14 20:53:24

Oh wow. Lovely. My son loves polar bears.

TheCunnyFuntIsGettingMarried Fri 11-Apr-14 09:48:37

This is DD and our dog, she was 2.1yo in this pic, the day this was taken her and Sprocket came 1st in the child handler class at a small dog show for charity smile

nannynome Fri 11-Apr-14 10:24:46

This is Robin with Blue Monkey, I am getting him a new monkey toy as this one isn't really suitable to snuggle with as it has hard moving parts! He spends a lot of time talking and grinning with blue monkey in the car as monkey hangs off the bar on his seat.

strawberrypenguin Fri 11-Apr-14 11:26:44

We took 2yo DS to the zoo last week and he stood watching the Pygmy Hippo's for ages. He loved it when the went under the water and then popped back up!

Otherwise he adores our cat and loves feeding her with her treats

craftymutha Fri 11-Apr-14 16:31:37

Hedgehog all the way! My 7 year old's first completed bit of embroidery. She's got some skills that one smile

ChaffinchOfDoom Fri 11-Apr-14 18:15:18

My DD7 LOVES tropical fish, and draws elaborate scenes where they talk to each other grin

insanityscatching Fri 11-Apr-14 21:08:03

This is dd's favourite animal her puppy Eric who she describes as a "dream come true" grin

insancerre Sat 12-Apr-14 13:52:04

this is dd's hamster taken by her

kerryrusson79 Sun 13-Apr-14 04:16:06

This is my son reo pet puppy dog with our cat tia too he luvs them both my puppy is 8 months old her name is angel my cat tia is 2yrs old we luv them so much

mimidl Sun 13-Apr-14 04:35:05

This is my youngest daughter Grace, and our dog Poppy. They are inseparable - even when asleep!

treacletart Sun 13-Apr-14 14:46:59

Damned if I can get her to a draw a picture of one, but my uncooperative 6 year old DD's favourite animal is a hedgehog...

londonmom Tue 15-Apr-14 20:01:17

DD's drawings, first of a wolf (favourite animal) and 2nd of a cat.

WhenDoISleep Fri 18-Apr-14 09:07:39

DS2 (nearly 2) loves ducks - 'duck' was his first proper word and he gets so excited when we see any ducks in the park or when he sees a duck on the TV.

We got him this fab enormous yellow duck as a Christmas present.

GoldenPombear Fri 18-Apr-14 09:15:47

My DS's drawing of a vampire cat, we have however renamed it 'willycat'

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