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Come on mners there's a flashmob just waiting to have an IWD theme given to it by IWD this evening

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MrsFogi Sat 08-Mar-14 21:27:28

There's a slow-burning flash mob on facebook at the moment. I'm on it and have been giving everyone female artists this week. If lots of mners did the same not only would we get a nice bit of art on fb but (at least for IWD) some less well-known female artists. In case anyone wants to join it you post the text below (obviously normally you'd have "liked" this status on a friend's feed and they'd have given you an artist - but you'll just have to insert any name you like as the source and then choose your own artist to get the ball rolling). Then if anyone likes your post you choose a different artist for them to do - ie you reply to their like with "x you have x". I'm not a huge fan of the wording but like the sentiment.

The text is:

Flash mob "Fed Up of Lolcats" and replace them with art…

The idea is to break up the monotony of selfies and memes by filling Facebook with art. Anyone who likes this post will receive the name of an artist whose work they will need to publish along with this text.

I was assigned ***** by ************.

[and then you post a work or two by your artist and a short write up about the artist and/or their work]

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