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OK Tina Malone has her baby at 50....too old?

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LisaMcGarry Wed 18-Dec-13 15:03:53

I am in two minds about this. I know it depends on the mum but still, when the baby's a teenager she'll be getting her bus pass and she doesn't have the best history in terms of personal health....

In saying that, my pal had her first baby at 46 and is the best mum I know...

It's never black and white is it?

JazzAnnNonMouse Thu 19-Dec-13 08:17:54

Good luck to her, she seems happy and the baby will be well loved. It helps that the father is younger.

I do think it's too old though, she probably won't have an active role with her grandchildren (of this baby) and people will probably assume that her daughter is the babies mum if they're all out together. There's a chance of course that she won't live to see much of the babies life beyond reaching adulthood and yet there's a chance that she'll be around until baby is in their 40.

We do judge women (and men) for their choices and decisions, too old too young too poor too this too that.

It wouldn't be for me but then my choices might not suit someone else.

fedupandfifty Wed 19-Feb-14 07:48:40

Too old, imho. I had mine at 42. I'm reasonably fit and active, but I can't imagine running round after a tiny child now. The risks around giving birth are higher, and you get the menopause on top of everything else. You are more vulnerable to arthritis and osteoporosis. And you are more set in your ways. It's harder to have anything in common with other parents.

Good luck to her though. I think she'll need it.

cece Wed 19-Feb-14 07:57:42

I had my last DC at 42 and for me that was old enough. If it's right for her then great but it wouldn't be for me.

Jinty64 Sat 01-Mar-14 15:06:28

I had ds3 when I was 42. It was great I didn't feel any less energetic than I did with the other two and, if anything, had more patience and was more relaxed this time. I did everything exactly as I liked and wasn't bothered what antone thought. I really enjoyed his babyhood.

But, I'm now 50 and he's 7. He is quite a demanding and energetic little boy who finishes one task and is on to the next. He rarely sits still for a minute loves going to the park, swimming and out on his bike with me trotting alongside (more like hobbling these days). I really don't have the energy I used to. I couldn't bear to think so starting again with a baby now.

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