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Reasons My Kid is Crying: Enter comp to win a meal for two at Heston's The Fat Duck

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RachelMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 25-Nov-13 17:24:54

For those who haven’t come across it, the hugely popular Tumblr, Reasons My Son is Crying went viral earlier this year. It all started when father Greg Pembroke posted pictures online of his three-year-old son, mid-tantrum, alongside the reason he was crying: He had broken his bit of cheese in half. Think AIBU for kids.

Within a week the original blog had featured on countless news, radio and television websites around the world. As people shared the blog, a community was born, and submissions started pouring in. In one month, the blog had received over 5 million hits – it is predicted to reach 14.5 million visits this year.

The book Reasons My Kid is Crying collects together the photos sent to Greg from parents across the globe, documenting the many, completely illogical reasons why small children cry. (‘I let him play on the grass’ . . . ‘We told him the pig says “oink”’ . . . ‘The neighbour’s dog isn’t outside’). But it is also a poignant reminder, for burned-out parents (and grandparents!) everywhere, that they’re not alone, and that not all toddler tantrums are tragedies - that it is, in fact, OK to laugh at the universal, baffling logic of toddlers! You can see a gallery from the book here:

Reasons My Kid is Crying.

We’re inviting you to send in your pics to show the irrational reasons why your child went into meltdown. Post up your pics (and captions) on this thread by 9th December and we’ll create a gallery of our favourite 10 pics. Each person who makes the shortlist will receive a copy of the book. The Editor at Boxtree will then choose a winning photo form the ten which will be announced on this thread on 11th December. The Winner will enjoy a Virgin Experience Days luxury meal out for two at Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck restaurant.

We mentioned earlier the book reminds of us AIBU for kids - for inspiration, enjoy this mumsnet classic

HootShoot Mon 25-Nov-13 17:34:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HootShoot Mon 25-Nov-13 17:35:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HootShoot Mon 25-Nov-13 17:36:39

Oops worked too well.

Baazinga Tue 26-Nov-13 11:51:43

I haven't found a photo of either of mine crying...damnit happy children!

But maybe....the reason my child is crying....because mummy wants to go to the Fat Duck...

Baazinga Tue 26-Nov-13 11:52:56

I haven't found a photo of either of mine crying...damnit happy children!

But maybe....the reason my child is crying....because mummy wants to go to the Fat Duck.

Photo to follow...

BreconBeBuggered Tue 26-Nov-13 12:04:34

I don't do online photos, but the reason my kid was crying was because...a seagull crapped on his nose and rather than wipe it straight off, I fell about laughing and reached for the camera.

EstoyAqui Tue 26-Nov-13 13:36:36

DS is crying as I told him he couldn't eat the acorn he is holding.

Bogeyface Tue 26-Nov-13 13:45:51

The reason DD is crying is because the camera wouldnt let her take a photo of herself and the others, it kept taking photos of Mummy!

EasilyBored Tue 26-Nov-13 14:24:47

He does not want to be a monster for Halloween.

EasilyBored Tue 26-Nov-13 14:24:57

He does not want to be a monster for Halloween.

kreecherlivesupstairs Tue 26-Nov-13 15:18:27

I haven't got a picture of it. One of the worst crying episodes my DD had was caused by a pigeon. Looking at her.

JazzAnnNonMouse Tue 26-Nov-13 15:53:18

The reason my child cried: I ate an imaginary carrot the wrong way.

My kid is crying because there are some people behind her.

FourLittleDudes Tue 26-Nov-13 17:34:02

The reason my kid is crying.... I put food on his tray at dinner time.

Skylerwh1te Tue 26-Nov-13 17:52:03

Because we wouldn't let him jump in the canal...

FourLittleDudes Tue 26-Nov-13 18:00:16

He got stuck in the jumperoo that I told him not to climb into

Threelittleducks Tue 26-Nov-13 21:04:57

Kwaazi kitten is not sitting correctly in his submarine.
He is daring, in fact, to sit with his head to the side
Hence I am screaming.
Also, Captain Barnacles's little hole in his foot is not plugged in to the little stubby bit where he is meant to stand!

Oh it's ok, mum fixed him.


And Kwaazi is not SITTING PROPERLY!!




<mummy sitting with frustrated sad face during all of this>

maggiemou Tue 26-Nov-13 21:08:06

I don't have a photo of it, but when my oldest daughter was about 2 years old she had the most massive meltdown for about an hour, because she couldn't find her imaginary dog anywhere, and we couldn't help her find it sad but also smile

seafoodudon Tue 26-Nov-13 21:18:20

My daughter is crying because I had just bought her a magazine for a treat.

QueenofallIsee Tue 26-Nov-13 21:31:25

Son is crying due to seagull stealing his jam sandwich on St Ives beach. It was 3 years before he realised ALL seagulls have a red bit on their beak and he wasn't being stalked by a sandwich stealing psycho bird

ilovesmurfs Tue 26-Nov-13 21:34:28

because she didnt want to eat her birthday cake

Dollydoll Tue 26-Nov-13 21:35:55

Didn't want to dress up for Halloween

ArtemisiaofCaria Tue 26-Nov-13 21:44:04

Daddy - I don't want to be a girl.

DoItTooJulia Tue 26-Nov-13 21:50:05

My son is crying because daddy is copying me.

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