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Dealing with Santa Sceptics

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WMattyII Sun 13-Oct-13 22:59:52

My 8 year old is getting a bit suspicious about Santa. His 6 year old sister is still wide-eyed about the whole thing but they're both going to get sneer-stories from some scrote or other that will destroy the magic.
To counter this, I put together this short letter from Santa's elf.
Before I try it on my kids, would you be kind enough to give it the once over and let me know if you'd send it to your kids or if it needs work and if so, what.

And if I've posted in the wrong place, please politely tell me where to stick it. confused

It's on a Google blog rather than a Mumsnet blog as I am new here. Like so many others I was lured in by beaker conversations. Is is always like that here?

Thanks very much

londonmum14 Mon 14-Oct-13 19:53:52

Not sure about the drunk driving bit hmm
Also if the parents go out and buy the gifts and store the gifts then why does he not just ask the parents to put them in the stocking/under the tree for him?

WMattyII Mon 14-Oct-13 20:29:50

Good point about the drunk driving. It's probably not the best message, is it?

Santa does the stockings & tree part - that's pretty much all he has to do but that is his job and his alone. Now I just need to find something similar that kids would appreciate.

Thanks so much for the feedback - it is really appreciated. Next draft in the next few days.

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