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How do kids learn best?!

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FruOla Sat 21-Sep-13 16:30:50

This 'Have You Seen This Topic' is for MNers to post images directly into a thread, as it says above ^^.

Perhaps you'd be better re-posting into another topic where people will see it?

DeepPurple Wed 11-Sep-13 17:23:51

Studies have shown that children learn best through play and adults learn best through interactive learning.

I've just moved to Dubai and the focus here is that children learn through play. They have massive play areas outside for them to use and they do a lot of physical activity.

Whilst really young they don't have set topics for lessons but rather incorporate everything in together. So they don't have an hour of maths then an hour of English then science, they choose a topic and incorporate all the lessons in to it.

It certainly sounds more interesting but I have no idea if it works well or not yet!

Parentno1 Tue 10-Sep-13 21:54:30

When I was a kid I learnt best in a fun way.

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